Walk of Hearts® award was founded on the success of civic leader Joe Andrews, an active business member and President Emeritus of the Canoga Park/West Hills Chamber of Commerce.

Inspired by the hard work and dedication of his mother, who worked at one of the schools he attended, and the positive influence that certain teachers had during his formative years, Joe created the Walk of Hearts®. A way of bringing overdue recognition to those individuals who have the unique ability to inspire, mold and perhaps - with a word or two of encouragement—change a life forever. Teachers.

The concept of the Walk of Hearts® was presented to the Canoga Park/West Hills Chamber of Commerce in 2003, after Joe read an article in the Daily News about the great work the City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency was doing in downtown Canoga Park.  The inaugural ceremony was held in 2004 with 10 teachers honored.
In 2014, the Walk of Hearts® will celebrate 10 years of teacher recognition and the induction of the 50th teacher into their own Walk of Fame.

The Walk of Hearts® not only brings recognition to dedicated teachers, past and present, it also places the spotlight on the Canoga Park community, a 2005 All America City awardee.  

If you are interested in bringing the Walk of Hearts® to your community, Contact us for additional information.  

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