Walk of Hearts® Award Criteria

The Walk of Hearts® is a distinguished award given to teachers in recognition for their dedication and a continued record of excellence in education. The award is open to all who teach, or have taught, within the Los Angeles area both in public and private schools. The selection committee will look for intellectual vigor, communication skills, and teachers who have shown the passion and dedication that can—and has—changed the lives of students. These teachers will be selected from nominations submitted by current students, past students, friends, parents, or other teachers and staff members.

The award will recognize excellence, commitment, innovation, and leadership in teaching. Also, the nominee must be able to demonstrate a commitment to assisting and supporting students in their quests to fulfill their potential as students and later as they achieve their career goals.

The nominee is one who:

  • Creates a positive, pleasant and productive learning environment
  • Treats students with respect; is fair, consistent and even-handed
  • Demonstrates innovation and effectiveness in teaching methods and learning
  • Is available to work with students outside of the classroom
  • Is prepared and knowledgeable
  • Encourages students of all backgrounds and abilities to learn, making each student feel important
  • Communicates with parents
  • Inspires school as well as community spirit, being a part of school and outside activities
  • Shares ideas and successful methods with fellow teachers, setting an example of professionalism
  • Has the respect and admiration of students, parents, and colleagues

The ideal nominee is a teacher who is motivating, stimulating, and has that unique ability to inspire and perhaps - with a word or two of encouragement - change a life forever.

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